Thoughts on the GearVR

The other day I upgraded to a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 phone.  I had preordered the GearVR but I wasn’t able to use it until I got the phone.

“This is the future.” – everyone who’s used my Gear VR, including myself.

The killer app for VR is probably going to be Oculus Cinema.  I have a movie theater that I can throw in a backpack.  I also took a flying tour over Ireland and played Breakout with my face in Proton Pulse.

Screenshot_NormalAppImage(3)Setup is as easy as plug and play.  Considering how much of a hassle getting anything to work well on the DK2 is, this is really a point not to be overlooked.  The trackpad interface is intuitive and really quite nice; I hope the Oculus Rift consumer version and other headsets adopt this as a standard.  The trackpad works based off of simple gestures, and its nice to have physical input on the headset itself.  Very very elegant.  The interface is high quality and the app store is full of polished demos and games.  Screenshot_NormalAppImage(2)

The resolution is better than the DK2, and good enough for me though it could still use some improvement.  I had no problems with heat or battery life issues, despite my worries.  I do wish there were built in headphones though, a feature that the consumer Rift is apparently going to have.

There’s some noticeable motion blur at times, and the lack of positional tracking is sometimes jarring but is honestly not a big deal.  Beyond that the tracking is perfect in every app I’ve tried.  Screenshot_NormalAppImage(4)

There will be room for more complex experiences that are worth tethering yourself to a PC and dealing with all the nightmares of getting the software to work properly, but there’s also room for something like this.

That’s really all I have to say… it works as well as could be hoped.  Things will get better and I have ideas for software but this is an excellent start.  I hate it when I have to return to flatland.